Friday, June 21, 2013

a day full of friends

 This morning we went to Mrs. Sharon's house to play and have lunch. More friends were supposed to come but it did not work out. I think they still had fun playing on the slip-n-slide. It took them a few minutes to figure it out put they all got really good at it before the morning was over.
 Hunter liked playing with the water guns the best.

Hannah and Ty got brave and creative. 

Hunter does not weigh enough to get all the way down without a little help. 

 They all worked up an appetite playing and ate a good lunch. After lunch they all played a little inside before we had to go. Thanks Mrs. Sharon for a fun morning and yummy lunch. 
 Hannah was so excited that her "sister" was coming to spend the night tonight. Tuesday, Kylie and Blake came on and rode to BYKC with us. Hunter heard the girls talking about spending the night together and he decided that Blake was going to spend the night with him. I told him I would talk to Mrs. Sarah. I asked her if Blake could come too. She talked to Mr. Brandon and they decided that they would take the boys and we would take the girls. Hunter has been beside himself excited all week. Mr. Brandon came and picked him up a little before three. I hope he is being good and have a great time with his "brother" Blake.
 The girls gave each other a makeover and then changed into their dresses. They sang and danced.
 They switched dressed before dinner. They watched The Littlest Pet Shop while they ate.
After baths they were pretty tired so they got all settled in for the night and watched one more episode of The Littlest Pet Shop. I am sure they will be up early ready to play some more. I love listening to them talk and play. They are so big now. It seems like just yesterday they were this size.
I am thankful they have each other and hope they will always be best friends, I mean sisters!

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Michael and Terah said...

These little girls are SO precious!