Tuesday, June 11, 2013

just a typical summer day

 After I worked out we headed to the pool.  I was thankful the water was not freezing, Hannah was thankful to just have freedom to play and go down slides, and Hunter was thankful for the breaks so he could eat snacks. We stayed until almost 1 and then came home for lunch and to rest before swim team practice. I was afraid that Hannah would be too tired at swim team but she did great. I guess our Tuesday/Thursday schedule will include visiting 3 Y's for the summer.
 While I was cooking dinner Hunter decided that he needed to get his helmet on to ride his four wheeler. One day he will grow into it, I hope.

After baths, Hannah decided she was going to teach him some sight words before we read and went to bed. I think we should work on letters first. I am just thankful that she wants to work with him and that he will let her. Hopefully he will know his letters before kindergarten after all.

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