Wednesday, June 19, 2013

BYKC night #2

 The kids were so excited that Jacqulin came to keep them today. I went to school to move all of my things into my Pre-K room. I got everything moved and a few things arranged, but feel like I need a week of working to get is ready to get ready for school to start. I know it will all get done. Thanks again Jacqulin for coming to keep them.
 I was able to get Hannah's picture singing tonight. She loves to sing and dance!
 She thought Hunter needed some help, so she moved a little closer to help him learn the motions.
He caught me trying to take their picture.

 Playing the ABC ring toss game.
 We made an ABC tilt a whirl. I will have to record Hannah telling what the ABC stands for. 
 Some of the big kids making their tilt a whirls.

 Hunter loves to color and really took his time coloring his tilt a whirl.
 Doing a little review before snacks!
 Mrs. Sharon made ABC pretzels and had gogurt to remind of to go and tell the good news!

Snack time is always a hit, Hunter was the last one to finish eating his again tonight. 

I can't believe tomorrow is our last night. It always goes by so fast. We are all having lots of fun.

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