Thursday, June 6, 2013

beach day #5

There will be no more pictures of our trip until MeMe or Derrick email me some. I put my phone in the bag with the sunscreen yesterday afternoon and one of the bottles sprayed. I am not sure how because I have never had a bottle do that before. What did I learn: spray sunscreen and an iphone are not friends. I can still turn my phone on, but you can see the sunscreen in the screen. Let's just say it is not working at 100%.

There is a tropical storm on the way, but so far the weather had been good today. We walked to the lighthouse this morning and only got sprinkled on a few times. Hannah got to see some dolphins playing in the ocean and Hunter got to see a real, big crab. They were both so excited. After lunch we tried to go play in the pool but it was short lived for Hunter and I. He was very whinny and that meant he needed a nap. I brought him up and bathed him. I told him to rest while I took a shower and then he could get up. He is still sound asleep. Derrick and Hannah are still playing in the pool. I am thankful the rain is holding off. Hopefully it will not rain until we get back from dinner.

I was able to take these this picture with my phone before it completely died.

 MeMe sent me these pictures from our walk to the lighthouse.

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