Friday, June 21, 2013

oh Gypsy

Last night Gypsy went out after we got home from BYKC. We usually do not let her out once it is dark, but for some reason tonight we did. I went to let her in before I went to bed. When I opened the door it smelled like a skunk. That is not uncommon, we have seen skunks walking up the driveway and around before. When I closed the door I could still smell it, really strong. I had Derrick get up and come smell. It smelled so strong before it had sprayed Gypsy. He picked her up with a towel and put her and the towel outside. This morning he had to be at work early so I decided I would google how to help her. It said call the vet and then told a mixture you could make to bathe them in. I voted call the vet because I did not want to bathe her. Well, the vet was no help. She said if it was not in her eyes or making her sick that there was nothing she could do, but that I could call a groomer and see if they would bathe her. First, I really did not want to put her in the car. Second, I don't think Gypsy would be a fan of a groomer. I decided to just leave her outside and we would stop at a pet store on our way home from our play date and see what they had. The vet had said there was a spray your could put on them. The man at the pet store looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him about it. He quickly told me no they only had a shampoo. I responded, Oh so I have to get her wet to use this. He again looked at me like I was crazy. Hunter said, "Mom, Gypsy is not going to like that." I told him he was correct. I bought the de-skunk and we came home to attempt to bathe Gypsy.

 Cats do not look good wet. Hannah helped me until she got scratched and she was done. It was not easy to hold and rinse her at the same time, but I somehow managed. She was not happy at all.
 I thought if I gave her some treats she would feel better and not be so upset about her nice little bath.
 Oh, yea the directions say to wet the cat, apply the soap and work up a lather, then let it stay on them for 3-5 minutes then rinse and repeat. Do you know how long 3-5 minutes is when you are holding a mad, wet cat? A LONG TIME!!!!!
 I think she was still trying to figure out what just happened. I am not going to try to bathe her again today. I think I am going to wait until Derrick is home tomorrow to help. That sounds like a fun Saturday morning project, right?

Poor Gypsy is not happy that she can't come in the house. I did hold her for a little while and pet her. She smells much better, but I still smell a little skunk on her. She will be getting another de-skunk bath in the morning and probably spending another day outside.

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