Wednesday, June 5, 2013

beach day #4

 We decided to go to the water park today since the weather may not be so good the rest of the week. Hunter was too little to really enjoy it when we came two years ago, but that was not the case today. He still is not tall enough to go down the big slides but he had lots of fun in this area. He loves it because the water is not to deep for him.

 Hannah enjoyed it too.

 He went down the slides a little over a million times. Each time he would get to the bottom he would say, "Just watch me one more time!"
 He had so much fun!!!!
 Hannah liked the big slides. She did them with Dad, MeMe and me. She would want to ride double and then single. I think she did them close to a million times.

 Hunter finally asked if we could go home. I told him to just dry off and rest a few minutes and then we would. He went from covered up hiding to sound asleep in about two seconds. He asked me to hold his and as soon as I picked him up and sat down he was out.
 I loved snuggling with him. He woke up early, 6:30 this morning and had been going strong until this point.

 Look at that sweet face.
 Maybe sunscreen is a good hair gel.
 Hannah was so happy to have Dad to play with all day. We all had a great day and are thankful the weather was good for us to spend the day at the water park.

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