Tuesday, June 4, 2013

beach day #3

 They both enjoyed a few snacks while on the beach today.
 Hannah talked Hunter into giving her sand bath to make her skin pretty. He is such a good brother.
 The truck kept loosing its back wheel today. Pop Pop fixed it once but it did not last very long. Looks like we will be making a trip to a store to find a replacement truck for the rest of the week.
 Derrick did a little drawing on the beach.
 Working hard on their sand castle.
We camped out by the tide pools today. Derrick caught this fish, which Hunter had to hold.

 A little while later Hunter came running to us and said, "Hey look, I caught something!" It was a little flounder. He was so proud and excited.
 We stayed on the beach for a few hours and then went straight to the pool. Since the kids ate snacks we did not go in for lunch. We came in and got ready to go to the Taco Boy for dinner. It is probably my favorite place to eat dinner at Folly. It was so yummy!
 Hannah asked if we could go to the Pier for ice cream. Of course we said yes. We all enjoyed our ice cream before walking on the pier. We saw people catch two sharks, both of which broke the lines and got away. That is just conformation that you should not swim in the ocean.

 Oh, how I love these two. They are my favorite boys in the world.
A little movie before bed time. They are both so tired, but say they are not.

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