Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BYKC night #1

Hannah and Hunter were so excited that Kylie and Blake came over before BYKC. They all played for a few minutes before we ate a very early dinner and headed out.

 Hannah got to ride in the front seat and she loved every minute of it. She looks so grown up!

 This was my attempt to take a picture of all of them at the red light. Kylie kept saying, Hannah please help me I am suck between these boys. They are all too funny.

 The kids had fun playing with the parachute before we got started.
 They were learning the motions to the song. Hannah was too far in the back. I will have to try to get a picture of her later this week.
 Hunter was so happy to have Blake and Copper there.
 They were good listeners during the bible story. We made cute picture frames, but I was in charge of crafts so I did not take any pictures. I will have to take pictures of the kids with their finished products.
What part of the night did Hunter like best? You guess it, SNACK TIME!!!

We had a great first night with 19 kids. We are excited to go back tomorrow night to learn more and have more fun.

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