Thursday, June 20, 2013

zoo and BYKC night #3

 They all had maps and were ready to tell me where to go. They are great guides.
 Hunter said, "Cooper will you hold my hand." Cooper gladly did so.
 We met Rachel, Jacqulin, Alex, Caleb and Savannah there.
 Hannah decided that she needed a turn pushing Caleb and Savannah.
 Sonic had half price milkshakes all day. We decided that would be a good treat after a hot, fun morning at the zoo.
 It came a really bad storm not long after we got home. It rained so hard that you could not see past the porch. When the rain, hail and wind stopped the sun came back out and it was nice. The turkeys came out as well.
 The rain held off for BYKC. The kids loved singing Colossal Coaster, the theme song.

 They were all listening to the bible story.
 The little kids played a beanbag game. They threw it on a plate that had a friends name on it and then we all said, "God has a plan for _______ (the kids name it landed on)." They loved it and it was really sweet hearing them say that to each other. It love that God already has a plan for them. I find great comfort in that.
 The story tonight was about Paul being shipwrecked. Mrs. Sharon is so creative. She make the sea with a ship wrecked on it. Too cute!

 You know who loved the snack? That's right, Hunter did!!!!!

 These were all the pre-k and under kids. They are so cute and were so good.
 Here is our whole group. I love working with these ladies and precious kids.
And the silly picture!

I loved that we had the same bible verse all week. The kids did a great job learning it. Hunter knows part of it, but did want to say it alone. Hannah was a good big sister and helped him out. 

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