Monday, June 3, 2013

beach day #2

 We all slept in this morning so we went to the pool first since is was a little later in the morning and it looked like it was going to rain. It rained off and on, but since we were already wet we stayed until it started to storm.
 The kids wanted to build a fort. Thanks to MeMe they had a fort and a nice little snack.
 Hunter and I played play-doh and made these cute little flowers.

 After dinner we went to walk on the beach and look for shells. As we were walking out we saw this beautiful double rainbow. Only one showed up good in the picture.
 I love these two. They were being so sweet to each other for a minute.
 We found this little hermit crab. Hunter was too busy looking for more to let me get a good picture of him holding it.
 How beautiful!!! I love that God gives us such wonderful reminders of His greatness!!!

I love making memories with my wonderful family!

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