Tuesday, June 25, 2013

just an evening at the Hood's

 I love fresh corn and cantaloup. The chicken and green beans were good as well. After we ate this yummy dinner it was time to bathe Gypsy yet again. She got sprayed again last night by a skunk. She is not a fast learner when it comes to the skunk.
 She decided that it was not worth fighting us and just let us bathe her this time.
 All clean and smelling MUCH better. She is no longer allowed outside after dark. When we come in for the night so does she. I am sure she will not like being in that early but we do not like having to bathe her and her stinking.
After the kids were ready for bed we played a few games of UNO. Hunter watched the first few games but then decided he wanted to play. It was too hard for him to hold his cards so he just laid them out in front of him. Everyone won a game but me. Better luck next time, right?

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