Saturday, June 1, 2013

today I feel old

This morning my baby cousin graduated from high school. I did not get to go to her graduation but I sure did feel old.  I remember coming back from RidgeCrest and finding out that she was born. I went straight to the hospital to see her. I cant believe she is already graduating and that I graduated 15 years ago. She is such a beautiful young lady. I love you Emily!

Just to make me feel a little older, my baby brother got married. I can't believe that he is old enough to get married. He really does not need me to take care of him anymore. He will always be my baby brother who I feel the need to take care of, but I am leaving him in the capable hands of his wonderful new wife, Sam. Welcome to the family Sam, I always wanted a sister.

 After the wedding we headed to the beach for vacation. That did not make me feel old.

 Hunter was so tired, but he stayed awake a lot longer than I thought he would.

I am glad to end this day of great memories and lots of reflecting with this view.

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